Saturday, June 16, 2012

Red High Heels (PTU-Zlata)


In Order to use the image in this tutorial you MUST purchase it from PICSFORDESIGN.COM

PSP 9 (Any Version Will Work) 

SCRAP KIT: Red High Heels from Kristen Of Mystical Illusionz    

MASK: Vix mask no 236

TEMPLATE: no template  

FONT: A&S Snapper Script

Okay Lets Begin!

Open new canvas 500X500
Paste paper 5 as a new layer.

Activate your mask 
Go to load/save mask
Load mask from disk
Find your mask and click load.

Open your red frame.
Paste a tube of your choice as a new layer.
Place to your liking then paste your elements as a new layer.

Elements are

element 29
element 26
element 1
element 6
element 14
element 17
element 21
element 3
element 10
element 35
element 4
element 11
element 34
element 30
element 36
element 22
element 5 
my sparkle  

Dont forget to put drop shadow of choice to all layers.
Add your name and copyright info 

You are done!  

Thanks for trying my tutorial.

***Gorgeous Arie 2012***

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