Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Skool isKool (PTU-KG)

ARTWORK: Artist @ Keith Garvey

In Order to use the image in this tutorial you MUST purchase it from PTE

PSP 9 (Any Version Will Work)

SCRAP KIT: Skool is Kool of Danielle 

MASK: Aqua mask no 15

TEMPLATE: Tracy's Template no 9       

FONT: AlexBrush

Okay Lets Begin!

Open new canvas 550X550
Paste paper 7 as a new layer.

Activate your mask
Go to load/save mask
Load mask from disk
Find your mask and click load.

Open your template paste them one by one.
Colorize to your liking with the paper of your choice.

Paste a tube of your choice as a new layer.
Place to your liking then paste your elements as a new layer.

Elements are

school days
chalk board
my teacher gets an A+
bag back
ABCD letters
bear with paint brush
glue stick
crayon brown
color pallet
my sparkle

Dont forget to put drop shadow of choice to all layers.
Add your name and copyright info

You are done!

Thanks for trying my tutorial.

***Gorgeous Arie 2011***

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